Saturday, January 2, 2010

Paris hilton sex. Like it.

Paris hilton sex. New pics from google.

paris hilton sexparis hilton sexparis hilton sexparis hilton sex
The government is trying to make us stupid? Silly question, seeing that I already know the answer. and if you think then that n is in place with telivision shows most live on BET, MTV, VH1, E!, etc.? sex with Mom and Dad? Rock of Love? Paris Hilton is my new BFF !!!!!! 111111111 girls d ' next stupid people are much easier to control
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Friday, January 1, 2010

Paris hilton in bed. Coool stuff now.

Paris hilton in bed. Some Pictures:

paris hilton in bedparis hilton in bedparis hilton in bed
Does anyone really think the types of Paris Hilton are hot? the slutty look never did it for me. Do guys like these girls because they are so easy to bed and fragile / helpless for? Thats the only logical reason that could reach is that since theyre so pointless, it makes them feel more men to care for them or whatever. This has been demonstrated as one of the reasons boys and girls high heels, plus how lengthening the calf muscles. Paris isn't even half as bad as Nichole rich, the poor girl is disgusting, why do it yourself? Seriously, I think most guys do not even so, I am much more attracted to a healthy baby girl lol. So is there anyone who really, like skeletons?
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Paris hilton video. Shooot.

Paris hilton video. New pics from google.

paris hilton videoparis hilton videoparis hilton video
Proof that you no longer need ' of ' be very thin. Curvy is way better?. Here is Paris Hilton trying to belly dance http / / ... She has curves and zero-zero hips move so cannot all without looking really steep Here Beyonce new video with Lady Gaga http / / ... Skip to 336 and look at figure Beyonce, shes so fit and thin, but it also has beautiful curves and she has meat on her bones. Compare that to which lágy Gaga l ' air just horrible in comparison, no ass, she's too thin and I want to stop dancing in case it breaks. Poor girl needs food.
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Paris hilton movie. Great pics.

Paris hilton movie. New pics from google.

paris hilton movieparis hilton movieparis hilton movieparis hilton movieparis hilton movie
This is my assignment for English can you help m ' make to sound good? Good morning / afternoon, Ms. Murphy and class. Today ' Today, I am doing my assignment on stereotypes, blondes in particular. The definition of stereotype is a person who is simplified as a group, or are given a simple name because of what ' they are or what they look like. The group could be based on race, ethnicity l ', ' s sexual orientation or any number of names. people stereotype blondes as always wear fashionable pink back often and usually very girliy. They are often quite strong, but very friendly. People see blondes as ' n is not very intelligent. Usually, when d ' TV, blondes are portrayed as very intelligent girls, who know nothing except that ' it has to do with makeup, fashion and boys. ' N It is not usually the case if, as blondes are very smart. Hair n ' has nothing to do with their intelligence. "Blondes" are usually a platinum blonde, or it ' s always perfect, shiny hair and healthy. They look always beautiful no matter what ' they are and how they present themselves. Most blondes result in blue eyes. Blondes dress all different ways. While most are "fashionable" Some choose clothes older, for example; vintage. Many celebrities are blondes like Jessica Simpson or Paris Hilton. Not all blondes are like that. everyone is different, and not all blondes are pretty nessecarily. they are just normal people, but with blond hair We stereotype because we assume all people with a certain look, personality, etc. are the same or very similar to each other. For example, when we see a person wearing lots of black, we automatically stereotype of emo " " or " Gothic ' s " They dress in mini skirts and revealing tops. They usually work in the beauty of this site hairdresser and they Hany feasts that we ' slams. They are assumed with big breasts. They flirt with guys. They are silent. But if these are all stereotypes. The effects of stereotypes d ' a funny movie, funny jokes and a lot of fighting. It couses everyone to think blondes are pies and they are silent. People think that and try to avoid when ' d like ' just think that they are bad. It Limiri opperuniries because people tease them and they draw many examples of oponnion enemy Clonts ' think that it is good that people define blandes that this stuff is just gross and wrong .
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