Friday, January 1, 2010

Paris hilton in bed. Coool stuff now.

Paris hilton in bed. Some Pictures:

paris hilton in bedparis hilton in bedparis hilton in bed
Does anyone really think the types of Paris Hilton are hot? the slutty look never did it for me. Do guys like these girls because they are so easy to bed and fragile / helpless for? Thats the only logical reason that could reach is that since theyre so pointless, it makes them feel more men to care for them or whatever. This has been demonstrated as one of the reasons boys and girls high heels, plus how lengthening the calf muscles. Paris isn't even half as bad as Nichole rich, the poor girl is disgusting, why do it yourself? Seriously, I think most guys do not even so, I am much more attracted to a healthy baby girl lol. So is there anyone who really, like skeletons?
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